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In His Grace Youth





"and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus."
- 1 Timothy 1:14

We are the youth ministry from In His Grace Church! Our mission is to

empower the young people of our generation with the grace and knowledge of God

and overflow the faith and love of Christ Jesus.



Fridays 7pm-9:30pm in the English Church

Our youth service runs every Friday during the school term and then we take a break in the holidays! This is open to teens who are in high school ie. years 7-12. Friday nights consist of games, worship, prayer, bible reading, talks, discussions and let's not forget about supper! As we want to keep things exciting, we like to change up our routine from time to time! We also go on outings every now and again as well as talk about mission work and how we can serve the community. We have so much fun strengthening our relationships not only with each other but also with God.


Joel Abrahamian


Joel: church renowned twin (other twin featured on bottom right corner) and man-bun advocate. He speaks a lot at youth and just in general. Joel is a pretty active guy; partaking in basketball games, attending bible college and working as a builder.👷🏽‍♂️ Even though he works in construction, his main aim is to build up the young Christians of this generation. #seewhatwedidthere
He also plays the guitar as a part of the worship team in which he wants to get better at to praise God on a whole other level. Another interesting fact about Joel is that he is red-green colourblind! 🍏🍎 Who knew?!

Lauren Jeitani


Lauren is one of the two female leader here at Overflow! She’s 23 years old and married to some guy named Rogé (may or may not be on this page😏). Lauren is our social media expert for Overflow, running the instagram page, facebook page and also this part of the IHG Church website. If you get any emails from us, she's the one sending them! (Sup everyone.✌🏼) She is pretty creative and is determined to do something once she sets her mind to it. Also just to put it out there, she has a Youtube Channel (shameless plug💁🏻‍♀️) where she hopes to share more about her life and spread the love of Christ. Check it out:

Rogé Jeitani


This is Rogé! That’s Roger with a French accent (phonetically: rǝʒɪǝ). His day is equivalent to a regular person’s night when they sleep and vice versa. You could say he's a night owl (which by the way, he loves owls🦉). Rogé is also a part of the worship team at In His Grace Church and Overflow. He loves music and plays saxophone which he is honoured to glorify God with🎷. Although Rogé is extremely competitive, he does have his soft side that is driven to get people to fall completely in love with Jesus. Oh and he also has a wife named Lauren! She's pretty cool too. And his brother Jonah isn't too shabby either. 

Jonah Jeitani


 Jonah is the youngest of our leaders at 20 years old and brother to Rogé (above). Unfortunately he will be absent for 2020 but fortunately for a good reason! Jonah is currently part-taking in a course with Word of Life a few hours away from where we are located🙌🏼. Aside from that, he really enjoys football, technology and helping people. At 16 years he found an event called ‘Kick It For A Cause’ branching off from a project at In His Grace Church called ‘The Matthew 25 Project’. He has a big heart and can’t really smile… but he tries and we guess that’s what really matters.😊 

P.S. He has a blog all about his walk with Jesus!

Check it out:

Peter Nabhan


Peter is an active member of In His Grace Church. He does a lot of the tech stuff like making sure the projector is working well, adjusting volume levels for instruments, changing lyrics in the back room etc.💻 He also works in the construction industry like our other mate Joel but he isn’t on social media so this is probably the most information you'll find out about him on the internet. Peter is also quite hairy. But so are others like Rogé . Also when Peter isn't fixing stuff, he is

breaking stuff.🤷🏻‍♂️

Naomi Abrahamian


Naomi is our newest leader and has been with us for one year now! She is (obviously) one of the two female leaders at Overflow. She is also known as Noona to some of our Overflow folk as it is how you say her name in Armenian! Which by the way, she is Armenian! She is the older twin out of her and Joel (also featured on this page) and some might say the superior twin, but we'll let you decide😅. When she's not living it up at Overflow on a Friday night, she's flexing her muscles while bouldering. 🧗🏻‍♀️ Naomi is always the life of the party whether she is at church, Overflow or at work teaching her students. She can often be found belting out Disney songs whether it be 6am on a Monday or 6pm on a Saturday. I mean, who doesn't love Disney?! 🎤


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