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After a year of planning the initial set up of a relationship has been established. It was a grueling 2 weeks, working close to 14 hours every day to finish The Woodforde House. We were hit with heavy rain on the last two days which slowed production a bit, however a few brave men fronted a 24-hour shift to ensure as much could be done as possible.

Digging 1.5 meter depth over a 12x10 meters surface area with nothing but our shovels, creating 6 x 3-meter pillars with a hand auger and finally pouring approximately 12m³ of concrete for the pillars and waffle slab – needless to say, without the locals help we would not have completed what we set out to accomplish.


We left with a couple of tin sheets to screw into the side of the house undone, as time was running out. This will be finished in the early months of 2019.


Your continued prayers and support in this area has been greatly felt. For an ongoing relationship God’s work is clearly evident and it is truly exciting.


If you wish to support further - below are our bank details. All finances donated will go directly to the Tanna Project. 

Alternatively click on the Donate button to process a credit card transaction.

Account Name: AEPC
BSB: 112 879
Account: 054 841 761
Reference: Tanna

Australian Presbyterian World Mission Letter

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